is a unique tool to create professional Calligrams where every minute of your event counts

What is Calligram Creator?

Calligram Creator is a professional Calligram picture generator, starting from a snapshot photograph. It will allow you to make a highly customizable Calligram: text font face, size, colour, and many more tweaks. The application offers HiRes artwork, border frames and fun icons, to make an professional Calligram. You can add your own artwork and templates, for a quick start at en event. You can use the application in Photobooths, or from a tethered DSLR, or use an attached webcam, which you can manage from the application itself. Calligram Creator will amaze your customers. It's fast and accurate, and it will create the competitive edge that makes your service stand out. Here you find a review of Calligram Creator.

Some examples that you can make with Calligram Creator within just seconds

Calligram Creator is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately create a Calligram. The application is unrestricted and fully functional. Unlicensed users will only see a DEMO text over the results, but otherwise 100% complete. For everyone.

Talk of the town

Its extremely challenging to stand out in the crowd with a new gadget. Many big hardware companies make dazzling shows which is guaranteed to attract people. Software companies have equally difficult challenges to attract people and show their offered value to potential buyers. With the Calligram Creator application you will for sure stand out in the crowd because this has probably never seen before.

Fun for all ages

Children have an excellent taste for what is fun. Granddad takes a picture and finds himself in the printed Calligram, with fun text from any source. Why not just the name of his grandchild? The more fun screams the more attention. You can use a green screen approach to only focus on the face, or add some fun hats, with text. At the heart of Calligram Creator you get an engine to create amazingly accurate looking Calligram pictures, for every type of skin colour and hair style, with or without props.

Be attractive and unique

Advertising is extremely expensive and difficult to get the attention of potential customers. But what if... your message is offered in small doses, like some words that people want to read, and find themselves emerged in your messages? Calligram Creator offers great possibilities to not only wrap your message in nice Calligram pictures, but also in the printed border frame and in the icons to show what you have to offer.

Let visitors do the work

Calligram Creator has the possibility to work unattended. Meaning: you can use Calligram Creator in a photobooth set-up, where visitors can interactively make a snapshot, determine the colours and overall word impression, mail the calligram, and print it. These settings are optional, so you determine which functionality is offered in your booth. Since Calligram Creator is blazing fast, a visitor can do all the stuff within 1 minute.

Nine reasons to start

1. Create High Resolution Calligram pictures. Maximum practical size: 8x11.5 inch at 300 dpi (but can be bigger).
2. Create High Resolution Emojigrams and Legograms. Emojigrams are made from emojis, Legograms of Lego bricks, photorealistic.
3. Send the Calligram by e-mail. the application has a fully working mail client functionality.
4. Create your mail lay-out in HTML code. The application has a WYSIWYG mail editor, with several featured functions.
5. Use a chroma key, in case you want to use a green screen, to filter out the background.
6. Create 'brick-o-grams'. These are pictures where the snapshot is build from realistically looking bricks.
7. Border frames and artwork (transparent .png file types) to personalize the calligram print-out.
8. Print, re-print and effective event management logging, fully overviewing all the Calligrams made.
9. Work unattended, e.g. in a photobooth, where visitors use an attractive interface to fully manage the Calligram creation process.

Download your free copy

The 'Demonstrator' version is free to download, is fully functional and has no additional hidden or in-app cost. 100% Free to test. For registered users the nag ('DEMO') text disappears and will become fully unrestricted.
It is strongly recommended to read the help-file about the functions and how to use them. To the best of our knowledge, all the pre-installed artwork was offered in the public domain, with no specific copyright claim. If we have accidentally used proprietary pictures, please let us know, we will remove these immediately.

Download Calligram Creator 6.0 (Security report: 100% clean, by Softpedia)

  • 2018 4 May
  • Version
  • ChangesAdded Canon EOS support, zoom and pan, image quality improvement, more robust text analysis

Some examples of Calligram Creator output

Our snapshot image was perfectly lit. The person has a brown coloured skin, and specific facial features (the beard elegantly called Rap Industry Standard). Calligram Creator created the facial outlines and features with default settings. Also the neck and shirt was perfectly outlined. The words are very well readable and recognized.

The woman in this snaphot has very light coloured hair, while a green screen was used to delete the background. Calligram Creator was tweaked such that the outline was of average thickness and the filling was maximized. We used the colour picker to indicate the green screen colour, which was effectvely deleted from the snapshot, replacing it with a white background. Despite the few colours in this snapshot the Calligram came out perfect.

This picture challenged us because the person doesn't have so much hair. The outline was therefore more thicker than useual (75%), while the filling factor was kept low. Even the frowns were outlined pretty well. For the text we didn't use a file with hundreds of words, we use just this sentence "Bold or not bold, that is the question".

The young man in this photograph has a beautifully combed hairline. We wanted to keep this. So we tweaked the outline and filling such that the result came out very nicely. For the colours we used a radial colour distribution of 8 different colours, seamlessly blending one colour into another.

NEW: The happy couple in this picture was rebuilt from Apple emojis. All 2340-ish images were analysed to find the best possible fit with the colours of the image (hey... Mosaizer?). In this case we added a few more to make it look 'fuller'. As usual: many customization parameters are made available for Emojigram creation!

The other output type of Calligram Creator is not a Calligram, but a 'Brick-o-gram' or 'Legogram' (if such words exist). From the details it is clearly visible that the resulting picture is built from bricks, as if we photographed a brick mosaic. The two resulting Brick-o-grams on the right show a dithered result, the far right picture didn't use true brick colours, but colours derived from the snapshot picture. A bit cheating perhaps. Now, step 10 feet away from the screen and look at the differences.

All these examples were made with the default installed files and pictures. The Calligram examples were created with the installation artwork. All the artwork shown above is available in the installation, no additional download is needed.

What you need to know about our pricing and support

First of all: this is a highly professional application. It's typically targeted for the event market. If we would describe our target users, these characteristics would be applicable: event organizers, photographers, fun masters, party organizers, promotion agencies, photo-booth owners, and interactivity designers.
This application is not offered per event or per day. It's offered per year, per system. This is an almost unique application, where our clients can stand out in the crowd of the attention seeking markets. The application is offered on a yearly subscription base, at a competitive market price per system. The American market is represented by our partner, Gary Bordman, AE-ES ( For all other regions please contact us directly. Also for technical support please contact us directly.

Where to find emoji images

The emoji libraries are not offered here for download. To develop and test the Emoji-gram feature, we have collected images from, but for personal use only. Since the emoji images are copyrighted, we are not allowed to offer a download service and provide the image libraries.
You are encouraged to visit the website of the emoji makers (like the one indicated above), make your own emoji images (72x72 pixels, transparent .png file format), or request from us a link to our emoji images, which we used for our personal use, and not intended in any way for commercial purposes.
If you decide to use the emoji images for commercial purposes, APP Helmond cannot be held responsible for possible copyright infringements.

We have made an extensive Tutorial on how to use Calligram Creator. It has nice music, and subtitles, no voice. Check it out... and be amazed what this application is capable of.

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