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What are these projects?

Here you will find a set of interesting projects we did in cooperation with customers or as an assignment from our clients. It's just a small part of our cooperation portfolio. You also find results from additions we made to our existing applications because the clients needed such a new feature. A bit of everything we suppose.

Previews of two of our examples

All the results from this page are copyrighted by APP Helmond. You are allowed to use the examples for your own use. You cannot use these examples in any public domain, nor use these for professional commercial purposes. If you would still like to use these, please contact us. Together we'll find a way to make you happy.

Project 'les Visages de Lorient'

When the Volvo Ocean Race hit the French town of Lorient, we were asked to support in creating a huge 11 x 12 meter photo mosaic portrait of a French (and local) hero Eric Tabarly. The assignment was given to a French Photographer, Xavier Dubois, who photographed over 2500 people in Lorient against a black, white and gray background. Together we set to work to create the lay-out of this huge mosaic, where both the source picture and people pictures were in grayscale.
Since Mosaizer XV didn't have a dedicated engine for this grayscale question we had to develop it. With help and feedback from Xavier we finally tweaked the mosaic such that all the photos were used and that it was almost impossible to find a second or third same picture. The result is now seen on the wall opposite the 'Cite de la Voile Eric Tabarly' in the Keroman area in Lorient. A truly great project.

Picture 1: the mosaic needed to cater for 11x12 square meter prints, each 8 tiles of 12.5 cm in size, 96x88 tiles in total.

Picture 2: even Google maps has now a glimpse of the giant mosaic on the wall.

Project 'Visions'

An American based entertainment company, PopNoggins LLC, has asked us to develop a series of applications for their business. These applications were meant to be bundled in a suite called 'Visions'. This suite is still one of the pillars of sales for that company. Basically we had to develop 7 different applications, all interacting with their clients (= people like you and me on a fair, event or party) and deliver a fun trinket to keep. To mention a few: a 3D lenticular plastic picture, where two greenscreen snapshots put the person in any two environment; a free format drag and drop cube with 4 to 6 snapshots, and a greenscreen snapshot to put you in your favourite spot on earth on or the moon if neccessary.

Picture 1: two pictures into one, from two greenscreen snapshots to one 3D lenticular print, left and right are printed on one 5x7 inch paper, and then placed at the back of the lenticular lens.

Picture 2: only 4 snapshots are required to create and print this fun cube. The greenscreen background is filtered out automatically.

Project 'Text face'

Just recently we were asked by a French entertainment agency, Sharingbox, to help to create a new application. This application should be a mix between Wordaizer and Textaizer, must be managed via the command line, and fully integrated in their hardware. Their hardware would then be used to create a picture, which could be tweaked by the customer self into a black and white picture. Then the application whould create a text face, based on the black areas, together creating a stunning effect, ready for print-out. Which we did. This application creates exactly as was requested for. The examples below show the phases that the web-cam snapshot went through before finally being printed. And all of this within 10 seconds from snapshot to print-out.

Picture 1: three steps from snapshot to print-out picture. The coloured bar in between is the automatically determined colour distribution template for the text colours.

Picture 2: details of the print-out. It's a high resolution picture of 1800 pixels wide, good enough for 13x18 cm printing.

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